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Craft Citizens

Craft Citizens is a creative hub where artists are able to pass on their knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning. We aim to be a source of inspiration, enabling you to create something great without having to worry about all the prep work. We offer modern craft & D.I.Y classes and events for adults in a fun social setting. This includes: Macrame, batik making, jewelry making and so much more.

Carolina Mazo – Owner

With an extended background in Fashion Retail, Carolina is a creative centipede able to build up, execute and visualize any kind of project put on her plate, an absolute positive mind, always ready to solve a creative challenge.

Craft Citizens emerged as Carolina spotted a missing link in her environment; knowing many people enjoy working with their hands, but simply do not know where to start their own projects. On the other side, she is surrounded by many creative talents that are able to pass on their own set of skills to help out the ones that need a tiny touch of guidance. Craft Citizens logo expreses the junction where both of these groups meet, making them all ‘Craft Citizens’; a ‘good vibes only’ company.